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The Three Promises for a Fuller Life

In a moment, you'll learn how you can experience a greater sense of Peace, Purpose, and Presence in your career.

As a result, you'll have less stress and anxiety. 

You'll experience greater clarity in the direction of your career. 

You may even begin to experience greater joy and better relationships in your current job or career.

Your career could advance with less striving and conniving.

You'll also be able to build a strong foundation that will help you survive the inevitable challenges of bad bosses, poor economy, office politics, or "restructuring."

Even if you already enjoy your career as it is, you'll avoid the bumps that often hit very successful men, such as burnout, broken relationships, damaged families and marriages, and even early death.

Instead, you'll have a greater sense of "peace" instead of anxiety when it comes to work -- not a mindless "turn off your brain and just trust God" kind of peace, but one that is rooted in a much deeper transformation.

You'll find a greater sense of "calling" in life, an "anchor" in the world of work that can make the mundane meaningful and the boring beautiful. You would be building a career filled with "purpose."

You'll also stop separating the spiritual from the workplace, and tap into the "Presence" of Christ in your life with true rest and contentment.

If you're like most men, you probably assume that such levels of Peace, Purpose and Presence just aren't possible in your line of work.

You pursue those things all "outside" of work -- perhaps through church or recreation.

But there's a risk in living such as "split-life."

It's natural, but often not talked about it.

And as a result, you probably are relying on your natural "wiring" of having an "on-off" switch.

You turn "on" your spiritual self when you're with the right people or in the right environment.

You turn your spiritual self "off" when you're at work.

But this is actually the unseen source of many problems which you'll learn as you read further.

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