Follow the story of Marvin, a young boy who runs away from home after fighting with his older brother.  As you and your child together read this story of betrayal and forgiveness, conflict and friendship, you can begin to enrich their imagination and strengthen their emotional foundations.

Designed for the iPad, the book includes the option to hear the author himself read the story.

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Equip Your Child for Real Life Challenges

Strengthen your child's resilience and grit

As much as you want to protect your child from disappointments in life, challenges will happen. 

By reading together about Marvin's relatable, real-life hurdles, you can better equip your child to face their own tough situations.  Help your child to develop themselves on these questions:

  • How they feel after a conflict
  • How to handle being unfairly treated (even by a parent)
  • How they can move forward towards reconciliation

Read together (or hear the author's own voice read to both of you) from your iPad by downloading the iBook here.

Talk About Resolving Conflict Together

Prepare your child to handle disagreements

In Book 1, Marvin fights with his older brother Nathrop. But the lessons can help you prepare your child for any kind of disagreement with a friend, a classmate, or even with a parent.

Nathrop steals Marvin's toy.  And when confronted by their father, King Axnod, Nathrop lies, falsely accusing Marvin.  But Marvin's father falls for the lie, and punishes Marvin.

  • How to talk about sharing
  • How to deal with siblings or close friends who lie
  • How to discuss feelings when unfairly treated by a parent

The book doesn't have the answers, but the story gives you an opportunity to talk with your child and solve them together!

Retell the Story of the Prodigal Son

Build your child's foundation on the power of grace

Whatever your family background, you can build your child's emotional foundation by retelling the ancient story of "the prodigal son": a boy who flees from his father, only to return to receive forgiveness and grace.

Set in a world of cuddly monsters, Marvin's adventures begin when he runs away from home after being betrayed by his brother and disappointed by his father.

Follow Marvin on this journey with your child as he discovers how to forgive and how to receive grace in this modern version of a timeless tale.

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