"By the End of Reading This Short Letter, You'll Know Whether You are Ready for Breakthrough...
...Or Will Remain Stuck for Now"

If you are feeling stuck, there's only one question you really need to face right now:
"Do you REALLY want to experience breakthrough?"
I know this may sound like an obvious question.
After all, if you are stuck, then you probably feel like...
...every step forward leads to two steps backwards.
....your life is just at a stand-still.
....your spiritual growth has stagnated.
....nothing has changed after years and years.
....you feel helpless, hopeless, and disappointed with yourself.
Wouldn't everybody answer the question with, "Of course I really want to experience breakthrough!"
Here's what I've observed from teaching about breakthrough.
The difference is whether you really want to experience it.
The way I interpret the word "really" in this case is whether you "truly, truly" want breakthrough.]
Much of the time, people give lip-service to the question.
And as a result, nothing changes in their life.
Today, what will you change to get a different outcome?
Experience Breakthrough Now
Most people just expect change by doing the same things.
But even Jesus calls for a change of thinking and living (metanoia in the Greek), as part of his invitation to God's breakthrough.
Now I know this: the specific concept of being "stuck" isn't mentioned in the Bible.
But God does call all Christians to grow!
And if you are truly stuck, you aren't growing.
Being "stuck" is being like the thorn-strangled vine. The barren fig tree. The non-multiplied talents buried in the ground.
You are supposed to be growing and maturing.
Your life is, in fact, to be one that both experiences change and creates change.I realize that idea could be uncomfortable for you.
Your other choice is to stay stuck.
So which will it be today?
Later in this letter, I will reveal how you can experience this change.
My name is Jonah. I teach through devotionals on YouVersion.
And if you're reading this right now...
...I bet you prefer to grow over staying stuck.
And unlike many people, you are willing to take an action that brings about breakthrough.
You just don't know how.
The "self help" approach has left you ragged and worn.
And the "wishful thinking" has disappointed you with unmet expectations.
But when you experience "God's breakthrough," something different happens:
●  You stop repeating the habits which keep your life in neutral●  You see life as one of possibility and hope instead of disappointment●  You experience each day as a journey towards a worthwhile destination●  Good, unexpected opportunities appear in your life●  Here's what the "Breakthrough Teaching" does for you that is different.
It is rooted in the actual Scriptural passage about God breaking through like the rushing waters, clearing away David's enemies from the valley of death.
I'd like you to start imagining God breaking through into your life in this same way.
Not necessarily the outcome.
But God, as powerful, cleansing, roaring waters entering whatever dry space you are in right now.
What gets washed clear?
What gets cleared away?
What paths get revealed for you?
Imagine inhaling the air after this breakthrough of water crashes in around you, the cool mists filling your lungs.
Breakthrough is not wishful thinking.
It isn't magic.
That is the mistake many other people make.
But the Breakthrough of God does all the heavy lifting for you.
You just need to seek God in it, and follow Christ's guidance for change.
Now is your opportunity to take action...or do nothing different and continue to get more of the same.
As I promised earlier, here are the five basic steps that will get you unstuck and experience breakthrough in your life.
Each step is in the form of a Module, which I describe below:

"Breakthrough: Getting Unstuck in Any Area of Life without Self Help or Wishful Thinking"
A 5-Module Course to Contain Your Stuck, Reveal Your Dead End Drivers, and Create Powerful Change in Christ through the Proven Lessons of King David