The Three Areas in Your Life that Matter

Today...I want to share with you what I think the three areas in life that really matter.

They'll relate directly to why I believe exploring and activating and coming alive with your spiritual gifts really makes a difference in your life.

These three areas is are: Purpose, Power and Presence

Now you may not have thought about your life in this way, but I believe, after you hear what I describe, you will see that having a full bucket in each of these three areas will lead to richness and satisfaction in life that you may missing right now.

So let's start with the first one: Purpose.

When you have Purpose, you no longer feel lost, overwhelmed, or scattered.

Someone with purpose lives a life of clarity. 

They live with calm and impact. 

So when you live with purpose, you will make decisions more easily.

When you have a purpose filled life, you can remove the noise and distraction, swirling around you inside of your head.

Purpose gives you a forward motion. Instead of a frazzled wandering.

Now most people when they first hear about purpose recognize how important it is.

And as I will show you in a moment, your spiritual gift is probably the best way to get clarity on your purpose.

But related to Purpose is Power.

And what do I mean by Power?

Well with Power...your burdens become lighter.

You no longer feel worn, but instead you feel refreshed.

Everyone feels challenges.

You may feel tired at times...or frustrated or drained.

But when you know how to move in your Power, Power that comes from Christ, then you will be doing things that aren't draining you.

Power really is a source of confidence to face the challenges of the world.

So if you experience a lack of confidence or just a tiredness, a weariness in the world, then what you're probably seeking is more Power.

Now the third ingredient to a full life is Presence.

And what do I mean by Presence?

When you feel a spiritual dryness, as you may right now or you feel a distance from God, that's where you don't have enough Presence.

Presence of Christ or Presence of God, in your life fills the emptiness.

It's the opposite of absence.

And you may be feeling distance or a dryness or an emptiness, that can only really be filled by the presence of God.

Spiritual gifts will provide you all three. 

When you have your spiritual gifts, you'll be able to clarify your purpose.

When you're operating in your gifts, you'll also have much more power.

And when you see your gifts as attributes of God and areas for you to build your relationship with Christ, you will feel more of his presence.

When you're living out the way Christ is in all aspects of your life, and in all the major types of gifts, you will you his presence.

So the take away for this teaching is, the elements of your life that really will make it feel rich and full are Purpose, Power, and Presence.

And I believe spiritual gifts will give you all three when you can activate them, understand them fully, and then apply them in all aspects of your life.

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