Spiritual Gifts as a Source for Purpose, Power, and Presence

Are you living a life of Purpose, Power and Presence?

Or are you living a life of Aimlessness, Anemia, and Absence?

Here's what that would look like:

  • Your life feels like you're just wandering without direction through life
  • You are overwhelmed or exhausted with the daily tasks of life
  • You feel spiritual dry and distant from God
  • Your spiritual gifts, when properly grounded in Scripture and unlocked through transformative teaching, can turn that around.

Spiritual gifts can really fill your buckets of Purpose, Power, and Presence.

Think about it for a moment.

If you do have a purpose, a design, for your life, wouldn't it make sense for that design to be best expressed when you live out your spiritual gifts?

If you are carrying the weight of the world on your own shoulder and in your own flesh, shouldn't gifts, given to help you through the Spirit, lift that burden?

If you're feeling dry, wouldn't greater maturity and completeness in Christ, which also comes from the gifts, draw you closer to Him?

This seems so clear and compelling, yet many people continue to live with their Purpose, Power, and Presence buckets near empty.

What about you?

When you think about your life in those three areas, how are you doing?

Here's my spiritual gifts "quiz". You probably know that I don't believe spiritual gifts can be unleashed by taking a quiz.

But...I do know that the church needs greater awareness of their gifts, and the gifts of others.

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