Applying the "300 Principle" To Your Life

You need less than you think you need.

In my course on "Breakthrough: Get Unstuck through God's Power," I teach that one of the Catalysts is "Cutting."

After I guide people through uncovering and facing their "Dead End Drivers," I say that God desires us to respond by changing. There are many ways we initiate or encourage this change of hearrt or *metanoia*.

One of those is cutting away certain parts of your life.  

This can be a small habit like checking your phone in the morning instead of spending time in quiet with the Lord.

It can be cutting an expense that you realize isn't helpful.

It can be downsizing your home.

It can be giving away more money than you originally intended.

The story of Gideon and the "300" is an illustration of why cutting away the excessive and the unnecessary gives way to God and His breakthrough in your life.

In the story, Gideon starts out with 34,000 men. But God asks him to reduce those numbers because "“The people with you are too many for me to give the Midianites into their hand, lest Israel boast over me, saying, ‘My own hand has saved me.’ "

This is the key take-away, that God wants to prevent Gideon, as he wants to prevent you and me, from saying, "My own hand has saved me."

Gideon is then left with only 300 men.

Yet, those 300 men, as instruments of God, defeated their enemies.

God's goal is to reduce our dependency on numerical strength in favor of faith. It's one of the reasons why God was displeased with King David for taking the census. (1 Chronicles 21)

The taking of the census is not what's bad. It was the counting of men to validate his rule and power that made God angry with David.

God will often take away in order to restore dependence on him. God does not intend this dependency as a show of force or hierarchy, however.  

Many people jump to the conclusion that God will take action to remind, even jar, us into depending on him in order to restore God as the "boss" of you and me. They believe that the dependence is because of the rightful order between omnipotence and human.

There could be some truth to it. But the reality is that while God is sovereign, he often lets us have our way. There doesn't seem to be an overarching story of "control through force" in God.

Christ's surrender before his crucifixion is the ultimate example of this.

The dependence upon HImself that God sometimes asks us to remember and live into is not about power but about grace. He wants us to depend on him so we do not rely upon our own strength to appear righteous before him. In this way, we are utterly dependent upon Him for salvation.  

This dependence isn't to make us weak or knock us into our place. It's to give us rest and total rescue without trying and striving.

Without Christ, we have the burden of "independence" -- it is upon us to meet the impossible standards of God's law through "self-help."

Christ, however, relieves you and me of that, and restores dependence -- total dependence. None of our salvation can be owed to our own work.

Releasing yourself from counting the "things" that give you assurance and comfort is a way to lean back into the Father's dependence and ultimate rest.

In a similar vein, I am often "counting" my subscribers and readers.

In part, I have to since I am billed based on the number of subscribers.

But here's the thing: to achieve the mission of Ignite, which is enabling more people to experience transformational Gospel-change in every part of their real life, I don't need all my "subscribers."

Many of my subscribers aren't even opening my emails!

So, today, I am going through my own "300" cutting, and seeking who are the few that are truly impacted by my words and have bought into the vision.

I am sending out an email inviting people to "step away" from the Ignite emails if they really aren't being helped by them. This will reduce my numbers dramatically, but that's okay.

Gideon's remaining "300" showed God at work because of the small number, not in spite of it.

If you're reading this and you're seeking to deep how the Gospel can change practicl areas of your life, such as finances, relationships, and work, then don't unsubscribe and make sure you click on the email I sent to you asking you to confirm interest!

If you got to this page after clicking that link, you're good. Welcome aboard and thank you!

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